European Mobility Expo – going full digital


Due to the ongoing deterioration of health conditions in France and across Europe, the board of directors of GIE Objectif transport public, the organisers of European Mobility Expo, has unanimously resolved to cancel the face-to-face event planned to take place from 15-17 December 2020, and replace it with a fully digital event.

The fresh wave of the pandemic, and the new restrictions it entails, mean that it will not be possible to hold the exhibition as planned. The health and safety of our visitors and exhibitors is among our top priorities, and unfortunately this cannot be guaranteed in the current circumstances. “We’re very disappointed to have no option but to cancel the face-to-face event. We don’t want to run the risk of everyone having to deal with a sudden ban on the event imposed just a few days beforehand, and we’re clearly not in a position to ensure our exhibitors would be able to benefit from adequate health measures – or satisfactory visitor numbers. We believe that digitising this year’s edition of the exhibition is the most sensible solution for exhibitors, visitors, and partners alike,” explains Anne Gérard, Chair of GIE Objectif transport public. European Mobility Expo’s decision is by no means an isolated one: virtually all exhibitions planned this winter have been cancelled.


We will however be leveraging every aspect of digital technology to address the needs and expectations of industry stakeholders: live-streamed talks, networking, business appointments, innovation pitches, and more.

More details of this 100% digital edition of European Mobility Expo 2020 will be announced soon.