EXHIBITORS : Mobility startups that have found their market

Mobility startups present in the Startup Space at previous editions of European Mobility Expo and now well-established in their respective markets will be presenting their solutions in the main exhibition area alongside the sector’s big players.

For several years now, new players in ticketing and passenger information have been winning over transport networks: they include Digimobee and Monkey Factory; the latter’s MyBus passenger information app has been adopted by 400 networks.

Ride-sharing startups include Klaxit and Karos, which has been demonstrating the relevance of ride-sharing for commuting for almost 10 years now. 70% of Karos users are still ride-sharing 5 months after their first journey.

Since the launch of its solution in April 2016, FAIRTIQ’s user base has continued to expand internationally. 250 transport companies in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France, and Austria are now using the solution, with a total of 1,400 routes covered.

Passenger information system provider Hubup has also seen successful growth with 30,000 hours’ worth of training on over 100 networks, almost 12,000 drivers trained, and new offices opened in Montreal in 2021.

Having identified a lack of viable solutions on the market, WeBreathe has developed 2FLOW, a turnkey, full-scope, integrated, customisable and future-proof solution designed and developed in Lille.