Mobility startup news

Mobility startups are agile and steeped in digital culture, making them ideally placed to provide local authorities and transport operators with solutions that leverage data and AI to deliver major improvements in maintenance, operations, user experience, and more.

The winners of the 2018 Smart Move Challenge have come a long way over the past four years. MotionTag has been developing mobility solutions based on meaningful interpretation of smartphones’ sensor data and automatic detection of the types of transport their owners use – and will be at the exhibition.

Affluence will be presenting its range of metering solutions: occupancy on board, wait time management at points of sale, measuring traffic levels in infrastructures, etc.

IPM France specialises in digital customer journeys on interactive terminals and will be exhibiting its turnkey, full-scope interactive terminal solution: consultancy, support, terminal manufacture, middleware, in-field services, and customer journey data.

Visitors will also be able to learn about the services provided by Aïtenders, a startup that uses algorithms and AI to help those responding to public and private-sector calls for tenders by making it faster and easier for them to understand and complete dossiers, extracting all relevant information, making comparisons with previous calls for tenders, and detecting key information.


Elazur will be presenting its various maintenance support solutions, including ePlanner, a scheduling solution that uses data from operations and provides automatic scheduling support based on professional regulations.


Also present

For operating systems, visitors can meet the teams from A1 Statistiques, providing visuals and tables to improve bus punctuality; discover the Lyon-based startup Tott up and its GPS-based training solution for bus drivers, providing detailed support as they learn new routes; and learn about Tellae and its traffic and transport network analysis solutions.

Troov has an app to help locate lost property.

Gisaia is exhibiting its ARLAS open-source geospatial Big Data mining and analytics solution.

Via Transit is a provider of MaaS solutions.

The mobile app for IoS and Android developed by Witick allows users to purchase and validate tickets on their mobile devices.

Supraways is proposing a transport solution halfway between a skytrain and a cable car to relieve city congestion.

Deligeo is presenting tcoTrees, the first physical asset management software to be based on forecasts of the total cost of asset ownership.