DASSAULT SYSTÈMES // Supporting cities, towns, and local authorities in sustainable transformation of their mobility policies using collaborative digital worktools

Tuesday 7th June

05:45 pm - 06:15 pm

Agora area


Amid profound changes in mobility and the challenges of sustainable development, collaborative digital worktools such as the 3DExperience platform are of invaluable help in defining and managing mobility policies. Dassault Systèmes develops innovative, accessible digital solutions that are ideal for supporting mobility stakeholders as they seek to achieve their various goals. The digital twin for mobility is one such solution, increasing our understanding of the real world and our forecasting of future developments. Combined with integrated control and collaboration tools, the digital twin facilitates informed decision-making and the management of the ensuing policies, whilst also driving the transformation of working methods in favour of enhanced stakeholder collaboration, delivering better services to end users as it does so.