DASSAULT SYSTÈMES // Using digital twins to help decarbonise mobility

Tuesday 7th June

10:15 am - 10:45 am

Agora area


Digital twins replicating vehicles and their environments are accelerating the transformation of moblity services and their environmental performance. Simulation makes it possible to understand the impact of a new mobility service ahead of real-world deployment.

To achieve environmentally responsible mobility, radical transformation of the industry is a must – reinventing vehicles, services, and energy systems.

Digital twins of vehicles and their environments are a way of hastening this transformation. They shorten the design process for clean vehicles tailored to the mobility services being targeted.

What is more, the environmental and operational efficiency of these services can be optimised using a digital twin of a given area and its infrastructure.

By increasing the capacity for innovation and simulation throughout the mobility system, we can cut the amount of CO2 emissions per passenger kilometre, taking into account vehicle life cycles in their entirety.