Application form

Assessment of applications will take into account their clarity and conciseness.

Application form

Company details:


Concept (Power Point : three slides maximum)

Presentation of your innovation.

  • Name and short description of the innovation
  • Innovation target and positioning
  • Innovative nature of the project

Illustrations (Power Point : one slide maximum)

Any additional illustrations presenting the company and/or the candidate’s project (model, pictures, technical drawings, video, etc.).

Business model & roadmap (PowerPoint: three slides maximum)

  • Issue being targeted, benefits of the suggested solution
  • Description of your market (national, international), competition
  • Turnover 2022-2023, forecast for 2024, fundraising 2021-2022-2023
  • Business model and road map (performance, success factors, challenges, key stages, turnover, funding, needs)
  • Partnerships in existence or being set up to develop and/or industrialise the project