The Golden Bus Awards

The Story

Since 1998, some sixty bus drivers from urban public transport networks belonging to France’s Public and Rail Transport Union (UTP), together with some of their colleagues from European networks, have been competing in the Bus d’Or Golden Bus awards. The aim of the Golden Bus contest is to promote and enhance the profession of bus driver – an iconic figure in the world of urban public transport.

The competition is divided into three rounds:

  • Technical driving skills (handling, accessibility at stops, reverse slalom, and precision stopping),
  • Sustainable development impact (tested by measuring fuel consumption and CO2 emissions,
  • Quality of service relations (passenger welcome and smooth driving).

The contest will be divided into two parts and take place over a period of three days, with qualifying rounds based on a multiple-choice questionnaire followed by a driving test on a dedicated circuit.

In the final, contestants are assessed on a circuit – as well as during real-life driving conditions on a section of the Paris bus network, where they are evaluated by ‘mystery passengers’.

The 2022 Golden Bus Contest  will take place from 6 to 9 June.

For further informations about The Golden Bus Awards, you can reach Mrs Stéphanie Jegu

Email or phone +33 (0)1 48 74 71 87