Visitor profil

11,000 professional participants are expected: policymakers; buyers; politicians with responsibilities for transport, parking, and traffic; network managers; company heads; representatives of institutions; media; and others.


Exhibition visitors hold a variety of jobs and come from a range of organisations

Where are visitors from?

Visitors come to the exhibition from 56 countries.

The top ten countries by visitor numbers are: Germany, Belgium, Italy, UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Luxembourg, and Norway. In all, 56 countries are represented.

Reasons for attending

  • Meeting professionals: 70%
  • Finding out about innovations: 70%
  • Seeking information: 50%
  • Prospecting: 30%

Sectors of particular interest to visitors* include:

  • 70%: industry / manufacturing / subcontracting
  • 47%: mobility operators
  • 44%: digital technology and applications
  • 31%: engineering, public works, and infrastructures
  • 26%: maintenance, safety, and security

Satisfied visitors*!

  • 93% of all visitors report they are “highly satisfied” or “satisfied” with their visit.
  • 56% of all visitors say they have made worthwhile sales or institutional contacts at the Exhibition.

* 2018 exhibitor survey