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tcoTrees by deligeo

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Frédéric Schneider
Fondateur, Président

deligeo publishes tcoTrees, the first physical asset management software, based on the projection of the total cost of ownership of assets.

We offer consulting and engineering based on the use of tcoTrees:

  • Physical inventory
  • Life cycles, means of maintenance, costs
  • Link between technical characteristics and financial issues
  • Allocation of risks between stakeholders, contractual mechanisms


tcoTrees links the different characteristics of a transport network, its maintenance and financial issues.

tcoTrees enables a physical inventory in the form of ergonomic trees, easy life-cycle setting in libraries, and dashboards to facilitate analysis.

It’s a cloud-based and easy-to-use software. You get the results you need quickly.


tcoTrees is the first physical wealth management software, based on assets’ projected total cost of ownership. It is the result of seven years of research, mixing mathematics, algorithmy, and coding.
The innovative nature of our activities was recognised by Bpifrance and the European Community, which co-financed them.

tcoTrees offers a modern interface to guide the user. The assets description is carried out quickly by choosing from a list of materials and equipment of a predetermined library to compose your inventory.

From the assets inventory and operational parameter choices, the tcoTrees software establishes its results using original calculation methods, without complexity for the user.

Dashboards display the results of calculations performed by tcoTrees.
They are composed to adapt to the needs and viewing habits of everyone: technical angle or accounting approach.

Dashboards are interactive and chosen to give you the best visibility.
You can also export them to enhance your slideshows.

tcoTrees makes it possible to take into account the operational use of materials and equipment,
to establish availability and cost scenarios.

tcoTrees can interface, in input and output, with your information system, via API feeds or spreadsheet imports: CMMS, connected sensors, accounting system. This makes it easy to compare forecast and realized. For maintenance operations, failures, costs.