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Digital technologies and apps/passenger information

Webreathe's story begins in 2016 with its team's shared passion for R&D and mobility. We are a French company that believes in the potential of public transportation as a means of sustainable mobility. Thanks to our innovative solutions, we optimize transportation networks for operators, cities and their users.

We put passengers and their traffic at the heart of the choices made by transit authorities and their operators. We give them the tools they need to optimize their offer, their operations and thus, offer the best possible experience to their users while be aware of their operational constraints. 

With over 5 years of investment in research and development, Webreathe has designed and developed a miniaturized solution to count the passenger flows of public transport vehicles and to link them to the entire network.

Webreathe offers a unique, accurate and scalable counting solution that we integrate into new applications for people flow management. 

We meet your challenges:

-Crowded transportation

-Discomfort and insecurity of users


-Difficulties in managing the offer

-Poor knowledge of usage

-Complexity of data processing


Our objectives :

-Help you to understand your network better

-Understand the habits of travelers

-Quantify ridership and attendance in a macro and micro way

-Judge fraud

-Provide information and comfort to users

-Improve network operations


Webreathe has developed 2FLOW following the observation that existing counting solutions are not mature. They face a lack of flexibility, quality control (system supervision), depend on heavy systems, and do not focus more on the processing, valorisation and communication of data in real and delayed time. 

Through 2FLOW, Webreathe offers a complete, integrated, turnkey, customizable and scalable solution, entirely developed and designed in our office in Lille.

Webreathe is the only manufacturer to own its entire solution: counting cell, computer/transmitter, software, API and communication interfaces.

This gives us an unrivalled adaptability in the deployment of our systems according to the constraints and specificities of our customers and thus allows us to better meet their needs.

Our approach is innovative in that it uses counting data to respond to a range of business applications in real or delayed time.

Moreover, the 2FLOW solution addresses the problems inherent to passenger counting as it is known today: lack of accessibility to data, lack of analysis tools, dependence on heavy systems, complexity of quality control of systems and of the data produced, difficulty in communicating data. 

Operating in SaaS mode, our solution is quick to deploy, and easy to use and maintain.


Our desire to innovate has led us to develop systems with unique advantages, both in terms of counting accuracy, the miniaturization of the cell and the associated functionalities such as: 

-The recording of anonymous video sequences for the realization of contradictory counting at a distance,
-The possibility to get instantaneous color images of the cell view,
Geolocation and automatic time-stamping of data,
-Storage of counting data for several months,
-Data communication in several possible formats,
-Aggregation of external data (SAE, ticketing, IV, digital inputs),
The possibility to interact with other on-board systems,
-The sending of autonomous data via a gateway (router, SAE, Wifi on board, communication beacon),
-Parameterization and remote update. 


Care is an innovative software for the intelligent management of people flows. Its operation in SaaS mode gives it flexibility, both in terms of its scalability and accessibility. Using the latest web technologies, Care provides the necessary tools to help unleash the full potential of a public transportation network.

Webreathe has developed this tool with the aim of enabling Mobility Authorities or transport operators to manage their networks and services with ease. Much more than counting, Care has been designed and developed to answer the multiple and recurrent problems encountered in the management of a public transport network.

Thanks to dedicated interfaces, Care offers a set of functionalities allowing each team member to draw key information.

Each territory has its own environmental, political and social considerations. Care helps to better understand them by understanding the use of public transport, and gives the tools to better respond to the challenges related to mobility in a territory. To do this, Care uses the counting data produced by our on-board counting cells, geolocalizes them by vehicle, by line and at stops, and then uses them to facilitate analysis.

The strength of this tool lies in its ability to meet the challenges of all types of networks of all sizes, both in terms of identifying and resolving their problems and in supporting their various projects (vehicle purchase decisions, changes to the transport mobility plan, infrastructure modernization, optimization of the offer, improvement of service quality).

In short, it is an effective tool to rely on in the exercise of day-to-day transportation responsibilities.