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Michael Torres
Responsable du développement des Affaires - France

The FAIRTIQ product has been developed over the past six years from a vision to make access to public transport as easy as possible and a passion for innovation in the mobility field. The first ideas for a simple mobile ticketing system quickly turned into a concrete field test. Today, our company, with its current team of almost 100 people, focuses exclusively on developing the best and simplest ticketing solution possible - for users and transport operators alike. At the same time, the company has also focused on international expansion. FAIRTIQ demonstrates independence, flexibility and customer orientation in all its work. We are proud to count 46 different companies among our customers and to simplify the daily access to public transport together with them. Since the launch of the solution in April 2016, the geographical coverage of FAIRTIQ users has continued to grow, and our application is now usable throughout Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, France and Austria. Concretely, there are 250 participating transport companies in the fields of rail, bus, streetcar and boat, covering a total of 1400 lines with their service offer.

Public transport made easy - Smart mobile ticketing:
FAIRTIQ is the easiest way to buy a ticket for public transport. The mobile check-in/optional be-out application combines a user interface designed for user-friendliness and ease of use with intelligent algorithms that make it simple to use. Thanks to its ease of use, FAIRTIQ allows passengers to buy the right ticket without knowing the local fares and zones with a single swipe. Specifically, a user without prior knowledge of the current public transport tariffs only needs to activate the application by swiping the "Start" button on the left. From that moment on, he/she has a temporary authorization to travel and only has to board the means of transport of his/her choice. In case of a connection or change of transport mode, there is no need to interact with the application. Once at the destination, the user can end his trip in the application by sliding the "Stop" button on the right. A few seconds later, he receives a summary of his trip and the amount associated with it. The payment method that the user entered when registering on the application is then automatically debited with this amount.
In order to make public transport travel as easy as possible, FAIRTIQ uses geolocation and travel data from users' smartphones. This information is transmitted to the FAIRTIQ servers, which once the user has checked out, filters out irrelevant data (such as travel on foot, or outside of public transport) and reconstructs the trip made thanks to a Machine Learning algorithm. Once the list of stops is established, the FAIRTIQ system consults the appropriate fare grid, combines the different tickets if necessary, and calculates the lowest price to be charged to the user. Thus, the user is always assured of travelling at the best price.