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Stand SU7
8 promenade Europa
44200 Nantes

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Vincent Leblond
Digital technologies and apps/passenger information

Tellae is an innovative consulting firm specialized in cities transportation issues. Our experts rely on our AI solutions to support your strategic and operational decisions.

Soon, be autonomous in your studies by using our visualisation and simulation platform.


Analyse flows and mobility services of your city, design and evaluate scenarios with simulation.

Kite is the SaaS solution giving a centralized access to all capabilities of the platform. You access the databases of flows, mobility services and your simulations. You benefit from an ergonomic piloting of simulations.


Quickly and efficiently simulate scenarios to optimize and validate the relevance of mobility services. Create a digital twin of flows and mobility services of your city at the level of individuals and vehicles.

Starling is an agent based simulator offering great versality and very detailed predictive modeling. The simulator framework is distributed in Open Source in order to benefit the scientific and research community.