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Stand MA24
10 boulevard du zénith
44800 saint-herblain

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Louis Crimé
directeur opérationnel
Active mobilities

Manufacturer of autonomous
inflations stations
connected for bicycles

NRLUX specializes in the design and manufacture of free-standing innovative products. We have designed R4BIKE, the first autonomous and connected inflation station for mobility. 

We offer a solution that is easy to use and accessible in order to act on the energy and environmental impact of our journeys. Traveling with the correct pressure brings more safety, comfort and driving pleasure for users.

The R4BIKE autonomous and connected inflation station is a smart & green solution that responds to the new faces of the intergenerational and multi-use cycling community for utility and leisure trips.

R4BIKE is a self-service inflation station, easy to use, accessible to all types of bikes and available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Autonomous in energy, R4bike can be set up quickly and easily on all types of terrain.

Connected, you can know its location, its operating condition before moving to re-inflate its tire and intervene quickly in the event of maintenance of the tool.