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Stand SU10
2 Avenue Escadrille Normandie Niemen
31700 Blagnac

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Sales Representative
Sylvain GAUDAN
+33 6 30 40 65 06
Dolphine RAMBAUD
VP Branding
+33 6 25 37 53 93
Digital technologies and apps/passenger information

arlas.city is a geo-analytics cloud platform that offers public transportation, planning, management and research stakeholders, an instantaneous analysis and better comprehension of the network's activities against set performance indicators.  

It comes with a user-friendly and easily configurable interface on all the synchronized data axes: scheduled, realised, ticket validations and population data, which are merged and aligned for a global view. This instantly reveals; slow sections, waiting times, underserved populations and general uptake of the offer by the population. Decision-makers are then able to make data-backed decisions for efficient and reliable services that favor equitable access for all, leading to satisfied residents.  

arlas.city is interoperable with all public transport data ecosystems: works with GTFS and its extensions. All arlas.city analyses are also available in GIS. The workspace is secured for everyone with admin option on levels of access.