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Across the globe, across generations, the textiles made by Camira are instantly recognisable – a sign of home, of adventure, of a life well-travelled. Woven into journeys for over two hundred years, our fabrics have remained a continuous presence in an ever-moving world.

With a belief that each journey should be an experience to be treasured, our textiles are created to offer the highest levels of comfort, safety, and visual appeal – with the durability to be enjoyed for years to come. Blending forward-thinking design with unrivalled manufacturing expertise, we create textiles which transform rail interiors and deliver an exceptional passenger experience. 

With an in-house design team, an extensive option of stocked fabrics, the ability to weave on dobby, jacquard and plush looms, as well as supplying ancillary fabrics, Camira is a total textile interior solutions provider – offering moquette, wire woven and flat woven fabrics, alongside vinyl and leather options, and Camira Print - a state-of-the-art digital print technology. 

Producing over 8 million metres of fabric a year and supplying to more than 80 countries across the world, we have firmly established our position as a leader in the global textile industry – and we’re proud to be the background to thousands of people’s journeys every day, from Queensland Rail to the London Underground.

Beautifully designed, carefully crafted, expertly tested. Made by Camira.

Launched in 2022, Camira Print is a state-of-the-art digital print technology, made for the future.

Made for Design

Making traditional design constraints a thing of the past, Camira Print lets your imagination take the lead. From immersive advertising campaigns to branded interiors and photographic prints, the options are endless, the results incredible, and the potential immense.

Made for Performance

Achieving >100,000 rubs, guaranteed Grade 6 lightfastness, and meeting the highest European flammability regulation, ECE Reg 118.03, Camira Print delivers fabrics that wow, without compromising on performance.

Made for Colour

With over 90,000 shades to choose from, Camira Print brings technicolour to fabric creation. Or, if you have a specific Pantone or RAL in mind, we can formulate the ink to make a shade that is pigment perfect.

Made for the Environment

 With flexibility at its core, Camira Print only creates what is needed – no more, no less. Reducing the amount of waste material produced, this is an environmentally benevolent method of manufacturing for the eco-conscious world we live in.

  • All Camira Print dyes are Azo-free and REACH certified
  • Lighter in weight for reduced carbon emissions, the fabric delivers tangible environmental benefits.
  • Woven using British wool, this rapidly renewable fibre is sustainable and ultra-intelligent.

To learn more about Camira Print, visit: https://online.fliphtml5.com/ppyl/tnax/#p=1 

Camira Print

Changing the way you create, and the way you think, Camira Print is transport textile design Made Unlimited.

With cutting edge capabilities, Camira Print creates fabrics made to amaze. Combining two centuries of expertise with state-of-the-art digital print technology, we have created a solution that delivers the ultimate in design and manufacturing freedom. 

For the maximalists, minimalists, and everyone in between, Camira Print has the answer. Whether you'd like to create an immersive interior, run an ad campaign, or develop something entirely different, the right print is waiting. 

The Design Options

  • Camira Print collection: Sometimes readymade is the right option, and you might find exactly what you need in the Camira Print collection.
  • Custom colours: Right design?  Wrong colour? Leave it with us. We can recreate your chosen design in the ideal shades for your scheme.
  • Custom design: The ultimate in bespoke, we will create a fabric for your exclusive use.
  • Photographic: Ideal for making an impact, transform a photograph into a fabric to remember.
  • Typographic: For when your message needs to be crystal clear, spell it out with Camira Print.

Made for Performance

In an appealing blend of tradition and innovation, each Camira Print creation is applied to a lightweight British wool moquette fabric. Providing the ultimate in durability, and meeting the highest of standards, there’s a reason why moquette is part of our past, present, and future. 

  • Abrasion: Light in weight, durable in performance, each Camira Print fabric achieves a minimum of 100,000 Martindale cycles – ensuring lower carbon emissions, without compromising on wearability. 
  • Flammability: Engineered to meet the highest European flammability regulation, ECE Reg 118.03, Camira Print creations are suitable for inclusion on both horizontal and vertical surfaces within a bus or coach.
  • Lightfastness: For colour that wows, each Camira Print is provided with a Grade 6 lightfastness, so you can guarantee that your seats will stay bold and bright for years to come.

To learn more about Camira Print, visit: https://online.fliphtml5.com/ppyl/tnax/#p=1