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Digital technologies and apps/passenger information

A Single Platform to Unify Your Public Transport Data

Swiftly is a transport data platform that grounds every decision at your agency in the most accurate data in the industry.

  • Realtime Passenger predictions: Give passengers the very best in vehicle arrival predictions, and our APIs make it easy to connect them with whichever apps, websites, signage, or ADA-supportive media your passengers use.
  • Realtime fleet monitoring: Get a real-time picture of early, late, and bunched vehicles in your system
  • Passenger Alerts: Send passengers timely and accurate information about service changes, stop adjustments, detours, and delays.
  • Realtime Operational Tools: An intuitive onboard display that runs on commodity Android and iOS tablets. Provide operators with real-time feedback to mitigate on-time performance issues.
  • Service Disruptions: Dynamically manage scheduled service changes and unforeseen disruptions.
  • APC Connector: Connect your APC units directly to the internet for real-time crowding and easy-to- access historical data.
  • Punctuality performance: Get a detailed picture of how your vehicles are adhering to scheduled service.
  • Run-times: Analyze actual versus scheduled run-times for every segment in your network Speed map: Identify the route segments and intersections that cause avoidable slowdowns GPS Playback: Replay vehicle movements based on historical GPS data.
  • Driver reports: See on-time performance for every operator.
  • Headways: Proactively manage bunching and gapping on your high-frequency routes.