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Instant System

Stand F17
240 rue Evariste Galois - Garden Space Bât B2
3ème et 4ème Etage
06410 Biot

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Sylvie Chain
Commerciale France
Guillaume Roux
Head of parterships
Bastien Develey
Directeur commercial
Digital technologies and apps/passenger information
Instant System publishes and markets a “Mobility as a Service” (MaaS) solution intended for Mobility Organizing Authorities (AOM) as well as transport operators.

Our ambition is to simplify urban mobility thanks to a MaaS platform piloted by the Public Transport Authorities and transport operators. We integrate all of the territory's mobility offers (PT, bikes, car-sharing, carpooling, car parks, etc.) in order to offer citizens an intermodal and seamless transport experience, from route search to payment .

A real tool for optimizing mobility, this platform also aims to enable public players to manage all modes of transport on their territory. Instant System now works with more than 80 AOMs, and notably produces the Ile-de-France Mobilités application (Vianavigo), as well as the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region SIM (itinerary search and media).

Many MaaS projects have been launched or are underway in Brussels, Dakar, Algiers, Marseille, Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Rouen, Valence Roman Déplacements, New Caledonia, Annecy, South Region, Grand Est Region and many others .
Maas Boutique

A tool for cities to create intermodal mobility packages

Maas for business

Employees will be able to use the app as a mean of payment to consume sustainable mobility services

Customisation of the journey planner

Suggestions of journeys adapted to each user profil