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Cité de l'entreprise - Bât T1, 200 Boulevard de la Résistance
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Passenger information systems
Digital technologies and apps/passenger information

Ubitransport helps public transport authorities and operators with their decision making by leveraging mobility intelligence through its SaaS platform, 2Cloud. 

Adapted to cities and regions, it includes: 

  • a transactional core for fare collection, validation and inspection, an enhanced selection of bricks in areas such as e-payments, passenger information, network topology
  • a full API library to connect third-party operators and infrastructures

Ubitransport equips 150 networks in France and abroad.

As a publisher and system integrator of connected systems for transport networks, Ubitransport helps PTAs and PTOs to better operate, understand and optimise their networks. 

An application suite and a chain of equipment are designed to communicate real-time information for a pleasant user experience and for proper network operations.

Our solutions and services provide disruptive innovation for agencies, operators and passengers.

A trailblazer for 10 years, Ubitransport has moved the data that was previously stored on transport cards to its cloud, 2Cloud.

This data is leveraged by 3 exclusive engines for :

  • transactional, 
  • user
  • and fleet management purposes.

The outcome for transport networks is unrivaled intelligence for urban transit, intercity transport, school transport and shared mobility operations combined. 

In return, decision making has never been so simple.

Traditional fare collection systems are complex, offline and unaffordable to most agencies. That is the reason why more than 150 networks have trusted Ubitransport with the deployment of a fare collection system, making  Ubitransport the French leader in terms of fare collection systems deployed. (in the urban, intercity and school sectors). 

Rich streams of data flowing from on-board equipment and passenger applications have been helping our client networks to better operate their stops and fleet.

Being interfaced with clients’ databases, MSPs, third-party applications and public open data, 2Cloud is future-ready.

A transactional engine for electronic ticketing and payments
  • full range of fare structures: flat, combined, capped, distance-based, zonal, etc.
  • multiple validation media: smartphone, smartcard, physical bank card, virtual bank card on smart-phone or smartwatch
  • various ticketing and billing options, including pre-paid and post-paid
A versatile user management engine
  • harmonised management of user profiles (implicit and explicit; no distinction between public/school transport)
  • registration for school transport via interfaces with the databases of school districts and local au-thorities
A finely tuned CAD/AVL engine
  • real-time fleet management (geolocation, management of delays/early departures, etc.)
  • operational support in SaaS mode (communication with drivers, damage reports, etc.)
  • valuable operational insights obtained by cross-referencing data from the engines and APIs