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22 rue René Boulanger
75010 Paris

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Florian Pellet
Head of Business Development
Sévane Poulain
Marketing Manager
+33 6 14 08 30 33
Digital technologies and apps/passenger information

CITiO is a start-up founded in 2018, which develops SaaS solutions, with the ambition to give to cities and to transport operators the best tools to simply leverage their data, giving them access to key information to develop the best mobility services.  

Today, CITiO works with more than +30 transport networks in France and abroad, making our start-up, the first transport public data partner.

CITIO Analytics is a transport and mobility network data analysis software. It enables PTOs and PTAs to optimize their network by giving them access to a global vision of user behavior and relevant indicators on the efficiency of their network.

CITIO Analytics therefore offers

- Control and operational excellence for operators
- Transparency between PTOs and PTAs
- User comfort and satisfaction

CITIO Analytics aggregates, cleanses and harmonizes a large amount of data (big data) on a single, intuitive platform (thanks to data visualization). It integrates artificial intelligence to fill in missing information and create estimates and predictions.