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Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. is one of the leading European bus and trolleybus manufacturers. Benefiting from 26 years of experience and having manufactured more than 22,000 vehicles, Solaris affects the quality of city transport in hundreds of cities across Europe every day. The Solaris Urbino 12 electric won the prestigious European "Bus of the Year 2017" competition. In September 2018 Solaris Bus & Coach sp. z o.o. joined CAF Group.

Solaris Urbino 9 LE electric is a modern, low-entry battery-powered midibus. It is a successor of Urbino 8,9 LE electric model. The construction of the bus was created exclusively for emission-free drives. It means that the bus does not generate any pollution at the place of use. Equipped with an innovative electric central motor and High Energy or High Power batteries, it can be recharged using a plug-in connection and through one of three types of the pantograph. The bus was designed in such a way that it can be tailor-made in many ways, according to individual customer needs.  It is fitted with innovative driver support systems (ADAS), passenger amenities (USB chargers, passenger information system), as well as an anti-virus package. The vehicle is fully adapted for integration with the proprietary eSConnect remote fleet management system. Moreover, Urbino 9 electric is the most compact vehicle in the Solaris portfolio – it is only 2450 mm wide and 9270 mm long. At the same time, it offers a larger passenger capacity than previously seen in this class. Moreover, the bus can be homologated in both Class I and Class II vehicles. This means that despite its small size it can be used both on urban routes and in intercity transport.

Solaris Urbino 9 LE electric

The Urbino 9 LE electric bus was inspired by the European market and its diversity. The vehicle was designed in such a way that it flexibly adapts to the different needs of operators and to the various and different road and climate conditions. Importantly, the midibus has been developed exclusively with zero-emission propulsion in mind. The bus generates no emissions, is quiet, and produces no fumes with an unpleasant odour. Moreover, the vehicle can be homologated in both Class I and Class II vehicles. This means that despite its small size it can be used both on urban routes and in intercity transport.

The Urbino 9 LE electric is also a very flexible vehicle due to the extensive range of equipment, which the transport operators can adapt to their needs. Thanks to such a unique set of operating parameters and available options, the Urbino 9 LE electric allows buses to be adapted to the requirements of transport operators in a way that is not possible for other manufacturers. This, in turn, means that they receive a product ideally suited to the conditions and equipped with solutions that are yet to become a standard in the industry. Other major manufacturers have not currently announced plans to offer electric vehicles of this length.

There is a selection of competing products available on the market. Among the 6 largest European bus manufacturers, only Solaris offers an electric midibus in a low entry version. Out of this group, one of the manufacturers offers electric midibus, but it is a low floor construction, so it occupies a different market segment.

The models with which the Urbino 9 LE electric directly competes are developed by smaller manufacturers or are manufactured in China. This situation means that they are not equipped with such a comprehensive range of batteries, charging methods, driver support systems, and other solutions. In most cases, the options are not available or are available to a limited extent.