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Irizar e-mobility

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At Irizar e-mobility, we offer comprehensive electromobility solutions for cities, both in terms of manufacturing zero emissions 100% electric vehicles, and in terms of manufacturing and installing the major infrastructure systems necessary for charging, traction, and energy storage, all with the application  of the Group’s completely European technology and with Irizar’s warranty and service quality.

The operator therefore has the added benefit of having a single point of contact at every stage of the project, including detailed consultation, comprehensive vehicle care and an after-sales, maintenance and repair service which are tailored to the customer's needs.

Our vehicle range currently includes three models: Irizar ie bus, Irizar ie tram and Irizar ie truck.

Irizar ie bus

In addition to an attractive aesthetic design, this new generation of the Irizar ie bus, available in 10, 12, 15 and 18 metre versions, incorporates innovations as well as new batteries. The space has been optimized and there is, therefore, more passenger capacity and greater modularity.

A new generation of more efficient batteries is combined with a regenerative braking system, which reduce consumption and offer greater vehicle range. In urban environments, driven by 350 kWh and in standard climate conditions, it offers an approximate autonomy of 250 km, which means about 17 hours of operation.

The charging time has decreased and we can perform the slow charging of the vehicle in 3 hours. We also offer the option of fast pantograph charging.

For more information about the Irizar ie bus: https://bit.ly/3L8QSnE

Irizar ie tram

The Irizar ie tram is a 100% electric, zero-emission bus with the appearance of a tram that combines the large capacity, ease of access and internal configuration of a tram with the flexibility of a city bus. This model is developed in versions from 12m up to the 18m articulated version and with a maximum capacity of 155 people.

The Irizar ie tram offers a clean, minimalist design and all its features correspond to specific functional aspects allowing it to create an identity and an image that are easily recognisable to its users. Accessibility, safety, passenger flow and passenger comfort are the inspiration behind the interior design architecture, resulting in a bright, comfortable, spacious, pleasant and safe interior.

Accessibility and passenger flow are further enhanced by up to four sliding doors, the integral low floor, the seating arrangement, the interior distribution with wide aisles, the signage on the seats reserved for wheelchairs and/or pushchairs, the audible stop request information, the installation of ticket validation devices, the design of the driving position and the comfortable and effortless access.

For more information about the Irizar ie tram: https://bit.ly/3qzumN5

Irizar ie truck

The Irizar ie truck is a 100% electrical truck which responds to different market needs and enables it to move around cities and urban environments without generating atmospheric or acoustic pollution. The result is a cleaner city and more sustainable environment for citizens.

The Irizar ie truck is not a conventional truck. Its aesthetics, which break with the aesthetic concepts of the current trucks, recalls the Irizar brand’s product lines.

The main attributes of this product, designed to operate in urban environments, are its smooth and innovative aesthetic design, operator safety and ergonomics, technology and flexibility for adaptation to market needs.

The Irizar ie truck vehicle has been fitted with the latest active safety technology and therefore has stability control, adaptive suspension levelling, involuntary lane change warning and emergency braking assistance.

For more information about the Irizar ie truck: https://bit.ly/3Nipaqz