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Stand B16
Lochfeldstrasse 30
76408 Rastatt

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Engineering/public works/infrastructures/civil engineering/signage
Digital technologies and apps/passenger information

Luminator Technology Group (Luminator) delivers globally-recognized technology solutions that increase intelligence, safety, and efficiency for public transit operations.

Luminator Technology Group specializes in the design and manufacturing of stationary and on-board passenger information systems including destination signs and communication systems, as well as lighting and on-board video security systems. Our solutions deliver tremendous value through superior performance, lower lifecycle costs, enhanced safety, efficiency and improved end-user experience.

Luminator Technology Group was established and is purposefully architected to make a lasting impact on the transit technology market. Combining strategic research and development with smart acquisitions, we are merging a broad range of expertise and new technology along with best-in-class products from successful, well-known regional companies into one cohesive, global organization. Luminator is uniquely positioned to provide solutions to connect transit passengers to vital information while supporting the operational objectives of efficient transit operations. Supporting transit bus and rail car manufacturers as well as public transit operators around the globe, Luminator is developing and delivering technology with tangible benefits to public transit.