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Stand Q9
42A, Avenue des Langories
26000 Valence


DILAX offers automated counting systems that provide a detailed analysis of ridership, load and quality of service on urban and regional rail networks.

DILAX systems can operate autonomously on board, and automatically transmit data to the ground, allowing total control of the on-board functional chain

In 2022, Dilax innovates with the SLS-1000, a high precision 3D sensor, fully compliant with RGPD rules, easily integrated onboard, PoE and validated according to the ITxPT standard.

The flexible and powerful CitiSense ground software offers a high granularity of data reconciled with the transport plan and allows Authorities and Operators to obtain the relevant statistics to pilot the whole network even with a partial equipment of the fleet

DILAX offers a complete and modular solution, based on modern onboard and ground technologies.

APC 3D sensor SLS-1000

The SLS-1000 sensor is the latest innovation from Dilax for passenger counting. It uses laser technology based on structured light. It offers 99% accuracy, is insensitive to light variations and can count in the dark. Using a point cloud generated by the laser, it is by design fully compliant with RGPD regulations. Natively powered by POE, offering an M12 connector, only one sensor per door is required. The installation can be deported under the roof to facilitate integration. Finally, it is fully compliant with the ITxPT standard and can therefore easily interface with other on-board systems, or be totally autonomous with a Dilax computer.