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Stand Q12
ZI Parc à stock
62820 Libercourt

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Design/fittings/accessibility/street furniture


Urbanéo is an SME located in France. Specialist in non-advertising street furniture for public transport, Urbanéo eco-designs, supplies, installs, maintains and cleans bus shelters, bicycle shelters and stop poles.

Urbanéo presents a furniture offer combined with a very wide range of services. Hence, it has become for several years the global provider for the management of urban furniture on public transport lines.

Two novelties are exhibited on the Q12 Urbanéo stand

  • A spontaneous carpooling terminal
    Spontaneous carpooling is a solution for short-distance carpooling in a territory where the public transport network is sparsely dense
  • A temporary dock with integrated bus shelter
    During work on public transport lines, Urbanéo offers a modular platform solution with integrated bus shelter. A level platform makes it easy to get on the bus, and the bus shelter protects people from bad weather during the waiting time.