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Passenger information systems
Digital technologies and apps/passenger information
Viacitis is an on-demand transportation management solution that optimizes your organization for cost-effective operation.
Viacitis is a 100% French SaaS solution for managing and optimizing passenger transport on demand (On Demand Transport – Transportation for those with reduced mobility – Schoolchildren).
Thus, transport operators, and/or the authorities organizing Mobilties can :
• configure the transport offer,
• manage their resources (drivers and vehicles),
•  control compliance with social regulations thanks to a "social" engine,
• offering travelers digital solutions for booking trips and alerts,
• provide drivers with a mobile application for managing their activities,
• manage race reservations,
• track billing and payment for race reservations,
•   Regulate races,
• ensure the proper execution of the races,
• Manage activity via dedicated activity reports.

But Viacitis is also :
• Personalized support during the deployment of the solution,
• Advice from our deep business knowledge,
• A quality of service guaranteeing availability 7/7, 365/365,
• Securing your data through hosting with a computer security company
The Viacitis computation engine :

• was developed specifically for On Demand Transport and transportation for those with reduced mobility. In collaboration with a team of researchers from the Lorrain Laboratory for Research in Computer Science and its Applications (Loria; CNRS/ Inria/ University of Lorraine)

• guarantees a powerful and reliable solution, able of very quickly optimizing a very large amount of data (particularly related to disabilities).

The satisfaction of our customers, the heart of our activity

We support our customers for successful deployments. Training sessions (face-to-face and Masterclass) allow us to assist you in getting started with Viacitis.

Continuity of service
We guarantee continuity of service with a contractual availability rate of 99.98%. The restoration time of a D-1 server is one hour. The time taken to take an incident into account is 30 minutes. Your data is replicated in real time and backed up daily, in multiple sites. So you have an integrated PRA solution. Our teams are qualified and our equipment optimized to ensure maximum continuity of service.

Security of your operation and your data
Our technological choices guarantee the security of your operation and your data: use of encryption keys of 2048 characters for exchanges, secure system by password, application of Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d'information and Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés recommendations for developments and hosting. The host is OIV identified (audited by the DGSI every 6 months) and applies the latest global recommendations.

We act in compliance with legislation whose strict application we guarantee (standards, CNIL compliance/internal CIL correspondent, social constraints, etc.), we act with respect for people and are approved for confidentiality (including medical secrecy).


The Products

- On Demand Transport by Viacitis
- Viacitis- transportation for those with reduced mobility by Viacitis
- Viacitis School transport by Viacitis
- Sms approaching by Viacitis
- Driver app by Viacitis
- App. Traveler by Viacitis