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Created from the merger of Parkeon, the world leader in parking and public transport ticketing solutions, and Cale, the number two company in this sector, Flowbird is a company at the forefront of innovation that is imagining the city of tomorrow today.

Flowbird in figures is 276 MILLION EUROS, 1,300 EMPLOYEES worldwide, 80 COUNTRIES & 4,350 CITIES with Flowbird solutions, 100,000,000 USERS every week and 2,000,000 BANKING TRANSACTIONS managed in France every month. As a key player in the urban mobility sector, Flowbird now offers

Flowbird is a key player in the urban mobility sector, and today offers a unique, transversal range of parking management and ticketing solutions for public transport. 

For the transport intelligence business, we are there to facilitate urban mobility, providing operators and transport authorities of all sizes with the tools, systems and information they need to better serve their customers.


SESAME, Open Payment By Flowbird

Your contactless bank card or your mobile phone becomes your ticket!

The principle: I get on, I validate, I travel !

The idea is to completely eliminate the transport medium (tickets and cards) by replacing your ticket with your contactless bank card or your smartphone.

For the user, this means easy and quick access, a journey without constraints (no more waiting, no downloading) and an optimised and adapted fare. 

For operators, it means lower costs, increased ridership due to ease of use, reduced fare evasion and increased commercial speed. 

For cities, it means innovation in the heart of your city, reducing pollution and traffic jams, defining tailor-made fare rules, promoting access to public transport and reinforcing the attractiveness of the territory.

SESAME is easily and quickly integrated

SESAME is completely autonomous

SESAME is completely adapted to your fare offer 

SESAME is ideal for all your mobility projects


Back Office Cloudfare

CloudFare, the intelligent multimodal network management platform !

A scalable and secure platform to manage your transport network ticketing. CloudFare, a Flowbird solution, open, efficient and multi-operator for the management of multimodal networks.

Thanks to its modularity, this solution can be easily integrated with your tools. Configure, supervise and control your entire transport network and ticketing system remotely. And in real time.

Cloudfare is the all-in-one tool that manages your entire transport network while optimising it! Cloudfare, simplicity at the service of mobility !

Orchestrate today the multimodal transport networks of the city of tomorrow !


Monapass is a MaaS (Mobility As A Service) platform to be deployed in Monaco in 2021. It is the Swiss Army knife of Monegasque mobility.

It includes a free mobile application (Android and Ios) which, thanks to a single account and a single means of payment, provides access to

- 3 mobility services: → Bus

→ Self-service bicycles

→ On-street parking

- Real-time passenger information for each of the services offered: → Bus timetables → Bicycle availability at stations → Visualisation of streets with available on-street parking)

- Route planner 

For each service, the user has access to the entire anonymous and nominative commercial offer (single pass, group, senior, student, subscription, etc.). They can buy and use their passes: - Validate their journey on a bus - Unlock a bicycle - Pay, extend or stop their current parking

All the processes from marketing to operations are dematerialised, so the user can send the supporting documents needed to use or purchase a pass directly from the application. It is no longer necessary to go to agencies to complete the process.

This innovation has several advantages: 

Reducing the time taken by users

As all the processes linked to the services are digitalized, the user can buy all the products integrated into the platform without having to go anywhere. It is therefore no longer necessary to go to a branch or to a physical sales outlet.

All real-time passenger information in one place

Real-time information was not centralised, the user had to have several applications or access several information sources. With Monapass, all real-time traveller information is centralised in one application.

Reduction of digitisation costs

The open, agnostic architecture and platform approach of the solution allows to build and manage one and only one digital platform and channel. This allows all the public and private services of a territory to have access to a proven and operational digital ecosystem and thus to reduce and dilute the integration costs between the different services.

Increasing the visibility of offers 

For a Monegasque, a commuter or a tourist, the visibility of the mobility offer in real time is centralised in a single digital channel. The use of one service gives visibility to the others. For example, this allows a car driver to know that a transport offer exists because it is displayed next to the on-street parking offer. 

Reduces physical contact

As all processes are digitised it reduces the contact between physical people considerably and makes it easier for people who are sensitive to physical contact to access services. 

Multi-modal relationship

By integrating several services on a single platform, it allows for multi-modal reporting to better understand travel patterns in the territory and to adjust mobility policy on the basis of these reports. 

Consideration of motorists

70% of journeys start with a car journey, it seems obvious to us that car users should be included from the outset in order to encourage and encourage them to make a modal shift.

Inclusive MaaS platform

Anyone already using the services integrated into the platform can convert their physical passes into digital Monapass passes from the application.

The application, which celebrates its first anniversary on 5 May 2022, has 8,000 unique users, for a territory with 40,000 inhabitants.

In the context of Covid, it has made it easier to return to public transport and thus reduced the economic impact of stopping sales at the ticket office. 

Public and private services not integrated into the platform are applying to be on the platform with Extended Monaco (operator Maas Monapass). This demonstrates the economic, marketing and social attractiveness of the platform and the digital channel made available. 

The contract with Extended Monaco has been renewed for 3 years, allowing the integration of new services/functions and continuing the digitalisation of the Monegasque territory. More than a commercial relationship, it is a partnership relationship that enables the platform to be co-constructed.